The photos above show a stainless steel IBC during fabrication.

As part of our fabrication range Agora offer IBC's or small day bins for the storage or movement of materials and ingredients.  These can be made to your requirements, the example shown above is made of stainless steel, fitted with a simple slide valve, forklift guides and corner stacking guides.

The standard units would have a 45 degree hopper, a 240mm square outlet, plate slide valve, external hollow section support frame and fork guides.  Standard size 1280mm x 1280mm over the external frame x 1300mm overall height.

Optional extras fitted are corner stacking guides, full lids, hinged lids, access hatches, 60 degree hoppers, customer specified valves and outlets, etc.

Fabrication can be either stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium.

Our IBCs are made to order, so customers can specify exactly what they want rather than make do with a standard item that does not suit their needs.  Please contact us with your requirements for further assistance.