Agora Services Liquid Storage Tanks are manufactured from modular bolted rolled rectangular panels and sealed on site using sealants compatible with the tank contents. Finishes; Galvanised, or Epoxy Coated.


  • Eliminates costly site welding.
  • Speedy installation.
  • May be relocated.
  • Extendable, with initial notification.
  • No need for heavy crainage.
  • Packed on pallets for ease of transport.
  • Bolted joints using plastic covered dome headed bolts.


  • Sludge and slurry storage.
  • Thickening and settlement.
  • Balance and wash water storage.
  • Irrigation and fish farming.

To compliment our liquid storage tanks, Agora Services also offer the following items:

  • Full & Half Bridge Scrapers.
  • Decant Pipework.
  • Launder Channels, complete with weir plate.
  • Scum Boards.
  • Range of Debris Covers and Roofs, including galvanised, GRP, flat and conical.
  • Ladders.
  • Access Platforms.

Domestic Sludge Storage and Thickening

60m³ capacity each
4.58m diameter x 3.65m high
Contract included spiral stairway

Effluent Treatment Settlement

Galvanised Tank

180m³ capacity
6.88m diameter x 4.85m high
Contract included launder with adjustable weir

Domestic Sludge and Storm Water Storage

105m³ and 112m³ capacity

6.11m diameter x 3.65m high
7.64m diameter x 2.45m high
Contract included decant system, ladder/platform, level equipment

Production of Panels

Accurately laser profiled using computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine, then rolled to the tank diameter. Roof, floor panels, top and bottom angles and wind stiffeners are also produced in the same way.

Site Construction

Panels are lap joined and bolted using hot dipped spun galvanised nuts, bolts and washers. Bolt heads are special, being dome headed and coated with polypropylene or fitted with stainless steel covers.


Using a sealant compatible with the tank contents, it provides the seal between the lap joint and protects the panel edges.

Ancilliary Equipment

Angles, ladders, platforms, access manways, pipe connections, launders and weir boxes, roofs, floors, are all fabricated in our workshops with finishes to suit the client's requirements. GRP roofs and launders, insulated roofs and insulated panels are also available.