Agora Services Square Bins are suitable for most powder and granular materials. Their high quality design can accommodate the increased stresses where high capacity filling and emptying takes place at frequent intervals. Based on a standard design Agora Services Square Bins can be adapted to suit your needs, to allow the maximum capacity.

Standard features include:

  • Pressed 'C' section steel panels in Galvanised or Painted finish.
  • Pressed stiffener plates.
  • Externally bolted joints using M12 galvanised or BZP bolts.
  • Single or multi outlet hoppers.
  • 1000mm clearance under hopper flange - Standard.
  • Support steelwork to suit hopper & outloading requirements.
  • Pitched or flat roof top.
  • Galvanised roof, walls and hopper.

Design Note

Calculation of internal pressures is carried out in accordance with DIN 1055 and BS 5061 as appropriate. Steelwork is designed in accordance with BS 449, plastic theory being avoided for all primary structures.

At a high anticipated number of loading cycles, fatigue is taken into account, in particular the performance of joints under cyclic loading is given special attention. External loading is calculated to CP3 Chapter V, Part 2, reference being made to other codes as necessary for wind drag coefficients.

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