Agora Services Planetary Silo Dischargers are designed for use in flat bottomed silo for unloading difficult flowing materials such as coal, ash, cereal meal, etc.

The drive mechanism gives both rotational and progression movement to an Archimedean screw allowing the discharger to work on the principle "first in first out", by drawing material from the whole silo floor area.

There are two basic designs either a Full Beam or a Half Beam, as below:

Full Beam Planetary Discharger

The drive unit is housed within a triangular beam running the full diameter of the silo, allowing access for maintenance to be carried out without having to empty the silo.  Parking the screw under the beam allows easy starting, coupled with use of removable floor plates in the beam, access can be gained when the silo is full.

Half Beam Planetary Discharger

The drive unit can be located either within the beam, or below the silo floor, depending on the application.  This unit is for use on larger silos as a more cost effective solution than the full beam.  Access can be gained to the drive and the screw for maintenance even with a full silo.