Silo Cleaning

Silo cleaning has different benefits depending on the industry that requires it. In the food industry it is an essential part of hygiene, as mould and infestation can build up in the silo and contaminate the stored product. In the plastics industries mould and infestation are not a problem, however, contamination can cause defects in the finished product, particularly if the stored material is changed. In the cement industries a build up of material can cause blockages, thus reducing and even stopping production. Maintaining a regular cleaning program, tailored to the individual situation, does have significant benefits.

The frequency of cleaning really depends on the stored material and frequency of use. A flour silo that is regularly filled and emptied, or has flour returned from the plant to the silo frequently can suffer from condensation, particularly if the silo is externally located and not insulated. This condensation will cause flour to stick to the roof and top of the walls leaving ideal conditions for mould to grow or insects to breed. In extreme cases this material can become very thick in a short space of time and can lead to contamination of the stored material. In these cases a dry cleaning method is not sufficient to remove the debris, thus a wet clean is the only option. We have found that flour silos that do not suffer with condensation can be cleaned once or twice a year, but where mould is an issue this should be done every three months. We would also suggest that measures be taken to minimise the condensation, either by insulating the silo or not returning flour and looking at an alternative of the day bin within the building.

Agora Services offer a complete silo cleaning service for square and round silos, bins, hoppers, filters, tanks and ancillary equipment (including handling equipment). Our staff are trained in confined space entry procedures, safe use of equipment and are fully conversant with health and safety requirements. Team members receive additional training to use a variety of specialist tools including (where required) gas monitoring equipment, escape sets, working B.A., rescue procedures, emergency first aid, oxygen resuscitation and CPR techniques, aerial platform work, forklift driving etc. Should additional certification/training be required to meet a clients stipulation this is undertaken before on site works commence.

Silo entry is gained only by the use of a full working man riding winch system, Agora have two types of winch system. Most situations we would use a Proman Digital winch and tripod. however, where space does not allow for this we also have a Didsbury Deco 2000 winch. Our operative sits in a boatswain's chair attached to the winch, and for fall arrest wears a safety harness attached to a separate lifeline.

Standard cleaning operations may be undertaken on either a schedule basis or alternatively "as and when" required. Where infestation may be present we are happy to work in conjunction with pest control operatives.

On completion of the work a full written report outlining our findings, action taken, and any recommendations will be sent to clients for their records. Method statements and risk assessments can be supplied prior to the commencement of work.

Silo Clearance

Agora Services operatives have experience of silo clearance, particularly in the milling and animal feed industries. Using the traditional method of man entry from the top of the silo we are able to control the silo clearance thus reducing the risk of bridged materials collapsing and causing damage to the silo or discharge machinery.

Our staff are confined space entry trained and certified. Only safe entry will be made, from the roof access, using a full working man riding winch system. No access will be made unless it is deemed safe to do so, and the correct equipment is used.

Past projects have included clearing bridged materials in flour silos, animal feed silos, wheatfeed silos and plastics silos.

Please contact our Sales Team to discuss the advantages of the traditional method of clearance.

Silo & Tank Maintenance

With our experience of silo and tank design, manufacture, and installation, we also offer an inspection and repair service to extend the life of your silos and tanks. From our initial inspection we will make our recommendations in respect of the repair work required. On completion of the work a written report is issued outlining our findings and the scope of the work carried out.

Past silo and tank maintenance projects have included welding patches inside square silos, welding panels that have started to fatigue or split. This work has been carried out on old silos that also supported the penthouse structure and conveyors, hence could not at the time have panels replaced. Care was taken to remove all combustible materials, we also damped down all wheat dust on the outside ledges that could not be accessed for cleaning. These silos were very old and whilst they should really have been replaced, could not be taken out of commission. Agora have also patched areas that have "leaked" grain or flour by bolting plates both internally and externally on silos. Leaks having been caused by fatigue in the panels, or access and loading points that have been removed.

Other projects undertaken have included retro fitting level sensors, explosion relief panels, dust filter units and over/under pressure relief valves. All of which required confined space entry, either to ensure that no contamination be allowed to remain in the silo, or to facilitate the fitting of these items.

We can offer a regular inspection program for your silos and tanks, for more information please contact our sales team.

General High Level Cleaning

Agora Services not only clean the inside of silos, we also offer a high level cleaning service for industrial builds and structures. Having experience of working at height, using man riding winches, scaffold towers, aerial access platforms, and harness work. Agora have carried out cleaning projects in the flour milling, food manufacturing, and industrial chemical industries. From cleaning roof mounted extraction fans with the use of a cherry picker, cleaning the walls and ledges inside a building housing flour silos using our winch system, or vacuuming high level pipework and ledges in a factory. Contact our Sales Team to discuss your requirements.

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