Standard Capacities From 20 to 100 tonnes per hour.

Suitable for granular materials in round silos.

Flighting is either 200mm diameter or 250mm diameter contained within 238mm or 298mm diameter tube.  These augers are suitable for discharging grain from flat bottomed corrugated silos.

Sweep Auger


    • Sweep auger main drive, geared motor, chain and sprocket drive.

    • Progression drive, fraction H.P. geared motor, chain and sprocket drive to progression wheel engaged on a toothed perimeter track mounted on silo base, allowing positive progression.

    • Power inlet to the sweep auger is via a slip ring mounted on the centre pivot shaft. The slip ring assembly is totally enclosed. 

    Discharge Auger

    • Discharge auger main drive, geared motor, chain and sprocket drive.
    • Steel centre hopper with cross bearers to support the sweep pivot. Hopper complete with roller feed slide controlled from outside the silo.
    • One intermediate rack and pinion operated slide and inlet is provided to connect into the discharge auger.
    • Use of this slide allows the grain to be cleared and expose the progression end of the sweep in the case of electrical fault.  This slide should only be opened when the grain angle of repose has been reached.


    • Two speed or variable speed units are available to requirement.
    • The centre collection hopper is specially designed to allow for the discharged auger to be angled up to 10o from the horizontal. Depth of the hopper varies according to incline.
    • Automatic controls and probes.
    • Capacities in excess of 100 T.P.H.
    • The sweep auger can be modified to suit floor stores.

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