Having sent the final container load of component parts for the silos required in the expansion of Takoradi Flour Mill Ltd.  The project is well underway, with work on the cylinders of block of eight square silos 75% complete.  The square silo cylinders are anticipated to be complete by Easter, ready for the roof structure which has been shipped in the last container.

The six round flour silos are also being erected with three cylinders being 80% complete and work started on the other three.

The cylinders of the eight square silos are made up of 5462 individual fabricated component parts, excluding the hoppers and roof structure.  These component parts are held together by 62500 bolts complete with nuts and washers.  The six flour silo cylinders are constructed from 144 fabricated panels, held together by 6532 bolts with nuts and washers.  This excludes the hoppers, roof plates and roof support structure.

Agora Services supervised the first weeks of the erection work, instructing the local erection team employed by TFM what was required, where and how the component parts fitted.  As the erection proceeded and the supervisor was no longer essential we left the team in the capable hands of the mill manager.  When the site is ready for the roof structure to be fitted a supervisor will go out again if required by TFM.

We hope to get more photographs of the project as it progresses, which will be added to the website at a future date.

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