TFM commissioned a local fabricator to produce three small welded hoppers for the Buhler milling equipment.  The larger welded hopper can be seen suspended on chain blocks in front of the flour silos at the front end of the building.

With the silos supplied by Agora Services complete, the structural steel erected by Anchor, and the casting of concrete mill floors complete, the cladding the Mill Building can commence.

Anchor Steel started the cladding at the beginning of August and the building really started to take shape.  By the end of August the building itself is nearing completion, ready for the internal work to begin.  The roll mills have been lifted to the first floor, and await Buhler to start the installation of the milling system.

Again, we hope to get further updates and photographs from TFM as the project progresses.  Any updates received will be added to the website at a future date.

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