With the eight square silo cylinders complete ready for the roof structure to be fitted, and the six round flour silos with 80% of the cylinder complete.  Takoradi Flour Mill required another site visit by Agora Services to supervise the installation of the roofs on the square block and the last ring and roof structure on the round silos.  This visit was made at the end of May for a three week period as required to ensure the erection went as planned.

The roof support steelwork of the eight square silos is made up of 128 individual fabricated beams, with 49 laser cut durbar plates.  The support steelwork is held together by 992 bolts complete with nuts and washers.  The durbar silo roof plates are held down with 2088 bolts complete with nuts and washers.  The flour silo roofs are constructed from 96 fabricated beams/angles and cleats, held together by 408 bolts, nuts and washers.  Covering the support structure are 48 durbar panels held down by 1248 nuts, bolts and washers.  Included in the bolts required, Agora used 600 spider bolts as a number of the fixings for the durbar could only be fitted from one side.  The spider bolt is designed to be fitted through the steel where access to the nut and washer is not possible.  They work is a similar way to a standard anchor bolt, they have an expanding sleeve that opens out to grip the back of the material pulling the joint together.  Given the height of the silos, and that there is no floor below the roof, access was the main concern.  The spider bolts were the obvious solution to the lack of adequate safe access, and a cost effective alternative to scaffolding the whole area.

Agora Services supervisor over saw the erection work, instructing the local team employed by TFM  where and how the component parts fitted.  As with the previous site visit, when the erection had proceeded sufficiently and the supervisor was no longer essential we left the team in the capable hands of the mill manager.  Only a few roof panels were left to fit on the square silos, and the outer quadrant plates where left on the round silos.

We hope to get more photographs of the project when the job is complete, which will be added to the website at a future date.

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  • Takoradi Flour Mill,  February to March 2007
  • Takoradi Flour Mill, July to August 2007
  • Takoradi Flour Mill, February 2008